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Fruit Infusion

Fruit Infusion

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Fruit Infusion Moisture Elixir

Give your skin a boost of skin renewing delight with our potent Vitamin C and fruit infusion moisturizer.

This Elixir fights off aging and free radicals, hyper pigmentation, and sun sports, all while being gentle on sensitive skin. 

Vegan friendly with no animal oils.

Crafted With

Green Cay- Green clay provides the necessary elements to assist the skin in its rejuvenation process. Supports the skins natural defense mechanism, absorbs excessive oils, and detoxifies effectively. Highly nourishing due to its high mineral content. Improves the appearance of enlarged skin pores.

Organic Blueberry, Cranberry and Raspberry Fruit Extracts- Have astringent and stimulating properties.

Organic White Willow Bark - Soothes irritated skin.

Free of all unnecessary fillers and toxic chemicals.

-Paraben Free

-Sulfate Free

-Vegan Friendly.