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Lavender Sugar Scrub 4 oz.
Lavender Sugar Scrub 4 oz.

Lavender Sugar Scrub 4 oz.

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4 oz.

Natural sugar, provides many natural benefits to your skin. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, with finely granular, effectively remove dead skin cells gently and not irritate your skin, even on sensitive skin. Our sugar scrub is non-abrasive and may be used more often which is beneficial on your regular skin care. It can help to clean the skin surface of dead skin cells, without clogging the pores which makes a great facial scrub!

Sugar contains glycol acid which will hydrate your skin layer and assist in recovery of balanced oils on the skin. Sugar scrub is lighter than salt scrub. This means sugar scrubs are more gentle and can be used for all different types of skin. Gently remove dead skin and cleanse your pours while leaving your body and face feeling smooth & rejuvenated.