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LOVE Hand & Body Soap

LOVE Hand & Body Soap

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Love Your.. crazy Love Soap!

The name says it all! Made after the fragrance from our top seller "Love bomb" is the ultimate romantic choice for bath time and setting the mood! With wild berries and wild passion, it's the perfect combination! It's a powerful aphrodisiac that will relax you as it warms your heart, body and soul- a MUST for a romantic bath and shower. With passionate fragrances, silky skin and love in the tub you can fully enjoy your luxurious soak with our best-selling fragrance in our brand new Soap. 

You will love our high quality and wide selection of artisan soap bars! We use the traditional cold pressed soap making method to make our soap bars and it makes all the difference! You will love the fragrances and the skin softening power of our products! We use organic shea butter in all of our soaps! All of our soaps are natural, they are VEGAN and cruelty free! The ingredients we used are completely earth friendly! What sets us apart from our competitors including Lush, is our quality and our price. Try us, you will not be disappointed!